Retreats & Reflection Days Retreats & Reflection Days

For Musicians: Professional Development Days

These dynamic and interactive group sessions are run to help musicians, dancers and actors develop the skills they need to support their lives on stage. We cover topics such as Self Promotion, Performers’ Mindset, Deepening your Practice Skills, Bridging the Gap Between College and the Profession, and how to have your Best Year Yet at college. These sessions are fully participatory, energising and fun – allowing powerful work to be done in a safe and creative environment.

Professional Development Days will give you:

  • The support and inspiration of the group
  • Lively and creative ways to look at some common issues
  • A chance to reflect and plan
  • A fresh perspective on your work
  • A clear view of the path ahead

Retreats for Musicians

"You created a warm safe space for the students…"
"…a productive and reflective learning experience for us all"

Diana Roberts: Royal College of Music (RCM)