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Personal Coaching

Coaching generally works to a specified number of sessions (usually 3 – 6) agreed between the client and coach. It is positive and energising work which is results-focused and works with and to the strengths of the client, enabling you to flourish and become self-supporting. Coaching encourages autonomy, and will help you think, plan and take actions to improve the way you are living at the moment.

A typical coaching session will be 1 – 2 hours, and will give you the time to think and reflect on where you are now, and explore the options before you. I have exercises and questions to help you think, but only you have the answers, and the coaching session is designed to allow you the space to discover those answers for yourself.

You can expect to leave a coaching session with greater clarity, feeling re-energised and ready to move forwards.

Coaching can help you:

  • Run your life yourself, not let others run it
  • Give you space to think, reflect and plan
  • Update your self beliefs with ideas relevant and useful to who you are now
  • Break though and go beyond habitual thinking patterns
  • Renew inspiration and motivation for dreams or goals
  • Make plans for the future and a path of action to take you towards those plans
  • Get you ‘unstuck’ and stop you going round in circles in your head
  • Unpack your brain to examine/look at your options, re-ordering your thoughts for more clarity.

Lucy listens during a coaching session

"The sessions resulted in me feeling that I am the driver in my life."

Jamie M, Dance Master, Balletboyz