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Most of us are far too busy to think properly these days, rushing from one appointment to the next, or juggling family with job commitments, struggling to keep a beautiful home while attempting unsuccessfully to reduce our email inbox. Most conversations seem to happen by text or with one person half distracted by their phone. Sound familiar? What happened to your Big Plan? Where is the list with your dream holidays on it, or when did you last think about your long-term career or life path?

Coaching offers you a space to think. Working with a skilled coach can get you back in touch with your plans, dreams and the big ideas that are often forgotten in our daily busyness.

Coaching is not therapy. It does not dwell on the past. Instead we start from where you are now, and look forwards. It is a positive and energising process, a spring clean for the mind.

"Lucy…listens to every word (and really hears too!!) and then has the incredible ability to highlight the issues which need looking at, absolutely brilliant, I can't recommend her highly enough!"

Pipa Gordon, TV/Radio Broadcaster and Writer

About Lucy

With 25 years experience in the performing arts as a double bass player, I have an in-depth knowledge of the challenges and motivators that drive the lives of those involved in the performing arts, and the radical swings between being immersed in a project and the isolation of being 'between jobs'.

My work aims to help you clarify your sense of direction and support you in your journey along that path, enabling you to be resourceful and self supporting, to continue successfully on your own.

I am a trained coach and coach supervisor, and have worked since 2010 coaching individuals and groups, running workshops and retreat days, training and supporting new coaches, and providing supervision to coaches both in group and 1:1 settings.

Lucy Hare - Coach

Coaching work with me might cover:

Clarity of direction
Deepening skill levels
Release from feeling stuck
Self-belief and Imposter Syndrome
Value alignment
Self support

And when I’m not coaching you will spot me (in my other listening profession) in the double bass section of the BBCSO at the Royal Albert Hall, New Adventures Dance Company at Sadlers Wells or playing tangos in stately homes or prisons with the Oxford Concert Party.

The boring stuff:

I am a member of the following organisations which support the practitioner and protect the client.

Memberships and Associateships:

International Coaching Federation
International Coaching Federation
National Council of Psychotherapists
National Council of Psychotherapists
European Mentoring & Coaching Council
Eve Turner Global Supervisors' Network
Global Supervisors’ Network
Holistic Insurance
Holistic Insurance Services
I have professional indemnity insurance through Holistic Insurance Services.


Barefoot Coaching
Barefoot Coaching
PGCert in Business and Personal Coaching & PGCert in Coaching Supervision
National Council of Psychotherapists
National Council of Psychotherapists
International Coaching Federation
International Coaching Federation
Eve Turner Global Supervisors' Network
Global Supervisors' Network

Some of the organisations I have worked with

Barefoot Coaching
Royal Academy of Music
Royal College of Music
Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama
The Musicians' Union
Lloyds Register
Merchant Campos
Jack Morton
Boots the Chemist