Retreats & Reflection Days Retreats & Reflection Days

For Individuals: Thinking Space Days

These one day group sessions are aimed at anyone who wants time to think, but in the company of others. The days give you time to think about your work, business, career or life; to celebrate what is going well, and understand what needs improving. We revisit the values that sit at the heart of your work and life, powering your drive to succeed. The group will work together, creating ideas and increasing motivation for each person. You will leave with a plan for the year ahead. This is great day for the start of the year, or as a 3 or 6 month progress check. (Small groups of up to 14 people)

Thinking Days will give you:

  • The support and inspiration of the group.
  • Time for reflection
  • A look at what is going well
  • A chance to plan for the future
  • Discovery of the values that drive you forwards

The thinking space

"Another 5* day! Great content, skilled facilitation, leave feeling refreshed and renewed"

C. Bartsch BAE Systems