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Run in partnership with Sharon Baker from Fly don’t Walk. Reflection Days combine elements of the Retreats and Thinking Space Days. They are created bespoke for your business, or themed around a specific topic such as Leadership, Communication or Confidence. The days provide time for participants to stand back from the normal rush and busyness of work, allowing space for new thoughts and creative ideas to emerge. Reflection Days are held every month in a central London location, allowing you to send individual members of your team out for one day, to work in a mixed group, sharing perspectives and approaches. Reflection Days can also be held at your work place, with a topic tailor-made to the needs of your organisation. Participants will work alone and in groups, giving time for reflection, creative work and energising discussions.

Reflection Days will give you:

  • The support and inspiration of the group
  • A diversity of approaches
  • The chance to think and work creatively
  • The time out from 'the norm'
  • A refreshed and reenergised return to your work.

Reflection Days are run by Lucy Hare (Creative coach and musician) and Sharon Baker (Executive coach and artist

Sharon and Lucy Reflection Days

"Another 5* day! Great content, skilled facilitation, leave feeling refreshed and renewed"

C. Bartsch BAE Systems